Can I Appeal Against My Speeding Ticket Fines?

A fear that plagues most of the motorist’s mind, is getting caught speeding. A speeding ticket may have already been received by the person currently reading this article.

This can lead to a lot of pain for a motorist, specifically those who go to work on their cars or carry out their jobs with the same.

The most pitiful part in most motorists life is that they get caught by going over the speed limit by just a mile or so. There are not much motorist who have been driving without getting a speeding ticket.

Usually motorists believe that the speed cameras exist with the purpose of catching motorists to help the government make some extra income from the fines and not so much for road safety as much. Instead of accidents going down in speed camera installed areas, in many cases they have been found to go up.

A fight back has already started from the motorists end against this regular hounding. Taking the example of the lawyer Nick Freeman, who came to be known as Mr. Loophole, the motorists are appealing against the speeding tickets and trying to escape the fines by identifying the existing loopholes in the legal system.

When you drive, you have to be always keep checking your own speedometer, and always worry, whether you are speeding, which makes you sometimes sub-conscious to people out on the road. So, it is the system whom u may blame for the increasing road accidents everyday, for setting a thin line between legal and illegal speed limits.

The many loopholes in the legal system has helped the motorist to deal with the unjustified demands in the name of speeding tickets.

Appealing a speeding ticket may seem complicated but armed with the right information it is less of a daunting process. The next steps lay down the successful route to speed ticket appealing.

There are two stages to a speeding ticket appeal, with the policeman who caught you speeding and later on at the courtroom. Since the first stage is easier, appealing therein with a nature of total submission and your best behaviour for a successful appeal.

When a policeman catches you for speeding, immediately stop your car, switching on the interior lights. Then place your car keys on the roof as an act of complete submission.

When caught speeding, a motorist must not retaliate and submit completely to the policeman, and on the contrary praise him for his work politely. This often pays off, as chances are the policeman will let the person off with just a stern warning. This is one of the best techniques to avoid a heavy speeding fine, and is called the Self Submission and Other Promotion.

Your first step is to humbly apologize and state sincerely that the policeman has very correctly given you a ticket. Remember, if you can play on the pride factor of the person, half your job is done. Never get angry, show attitude or speak rudely as this will evidently land you in more trouble.

The next step might be giving a good reason for your speeding. The reason should be an important one. The reason might vary from friends to family or relationship. Whatever it is, the reason should be really important, that made to speed up. Avoid irrational answers and try to apologize to the policeman over and over again and plead him to consider the case.

Usually, such tactics do well to bring out the humane side of the policeman and helps in repressing the government paid employee part of him. On top of this if you can massage his ego and pride factor a little, then there is minimal chances of him issuing a ticket to you eventually.

If you are lot lucky to persuade the policeman, then the other alternative left to you is to move the court of law. While appealing in the court of law, you must always keep in mind to characterize yourself as responsible citizen who was mistakenly ticketed.

The first thing you should do is to put away your biking shorts and dress yourself in a presentable manner promoting a cleanly shaven and well groomed look. Remember, it is important that the judge perceives you to be a decent and responsible citizen as a first impression.

When you are before the judge try and convince him that you are innocent and it was some other driver in a similar looking car had speeded past and you were wrongly apprehended for his mistake.

If you want to show that it was another car with similar make and model that crossed you and must have been mistaken for yours, create a good story and have all your answers ready for a successful speeding ticket appeal.

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