Do I Have The Right To Appeal Speeding Tickets?

If you are a motorist you will have to agree, that fear of getting caught speeding, is one of the only fears that plagues your mind while driving. You may have already received a speeding ticket, if you are reading this!

Punishments are very severe for being caught whilst speeding. You can end up paying huge fines. You can even lose your license . If you do so, you will have to travel to work minus your car. A motorist always fears that he might get a ban on driving.

But think of this thing Would you be able live your life relying on the public transport when you lose your license for over speeding? Can you afford to take taxis everywhere you want to go?

Since areas having speed cameras have recorded a rise in accidents instead of the number going down, many motorists are of the opinion that the speed cameras merely serve the purpose of earning extra income by catching motorists rather than promoting road safety.

Speed cameras have been installed at many places. But what is the objective behind it? Increasing road safety or increasing government revenues through speeding tickets? It has been seen that areas with such installations are more accident prone.

One must not indulge in excessive speeding in the first place, but the punishment can be ruthless to the extreme for that tiny concentration lapse.

The motorists have also started retaliating owing to the loopholes in the legal system and thus have found out ways to get away from speeding tickets.

Speed ticket appealing with the right kind of information is much less complicated a task than what it is commonly thought.

The two stages of speed ticket appealing is based on who you are appealing to the policeman who caught you or in the courtroom. The former is much easier with you having more chances of winning your appeal with your best behavior and technique of complete submission than the latter.

Immediately after you get caught you should stop your car and light up your interiors. A good idea would be to place your car keys on the car roof to give an impression of complete submission.

If you are caught speeding, you can use a technique called the Self Submission and Other Promotion against the policeman who caught you. Simply submit to him completely, and gently praise him for his work as a policeman , and there is a 99% chance, you will be let off only with a stern warning, without having to pay the heavy fine!

Remember never to be angry and rude. Promoting the policemans pride by apologizing to him and topping it up by telling him that he is very correct in giving you a speeding ticket would do the job for you.

After that, the motorist should carefully state a reason for which he was driving so fast. The reason should be something related to family, friends, etc. and highlight the reason why reaching quickly was crucial. Then it must be followed up with another apology, and then plead him to consider his case.

The policeman should be made to forget his government employee persona for a while when he is talking to the motorist, and become more humane. With the right set of words, this technique almost always works, and no speeding ticket is received, except a stern warning.

You may sometimes encounter a spoliceman who is too stubborn to be convinced to change his decision. Now, the only way out for you is show up at the court with a nice appearance, and convince the court that you got ticketed by mistake and you are actually a good, honest and responsible citizen.

Firstly, put away your biking shorts and dress in a presentable manner with a cleanly shaven and combed appearance while entering a courtroom. Always keep in mind that you need to make a favorable impression o the judge and he needs to perceive you as being a decent and responsible citizen of the country.

Before the judge, you will have to argue your case. You need to convince him that some other driver speeded past while the authority wrongfully caught you.

If you want to show that it was another car with similar make and model that crossed you and must have been mistaken for yours, create a good story and have all your answers ready for a successful speeding ticket appeal.

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