Do You want To Appeal Your Speeding Ticket Fines?

All motorists have only one fear, and that is the fear of getting caught speeding. If a person is reading this article, then chances are he shares the same fear, because he has already received a speeding ticket!

Getting banned from driving may result in a lot of adversity since many rely on their cars to reach them to work or carry out their jobs.

The most pitiful part in most motorists life is that they get caught by going over the speed limit by just a mile or so. There are not much motorist who have been driving without getting a speeding ticket.

Usually motorists are of the opinion that the installed cameras serve the purpose of catching motorists for earning extra revenue by the government and as such not for road safety. Many areas where such cameras were involved in fact has recorded a rise in accidents and not otherwise.

Some motorists have started fighting against such regular hounding by taking advantage of the numerous loopholes that exist in the system and using them during their ticket appeal to escape the high fines. In fact mention must be made of the lawyer Nick Freeman who came to be known as Mr. Loophole.

Nobody is saying that speeding is good, but the punishments are hasher for that momentarily lapse in concentration on your part.

The lines between legal and illegal speeds is so thin that the poor old motorist is becoming less of a safety first driver but more of a, can break the speed limit driver. Which might explain why road accidents in recent times are on the rise as motorists get more concerned about their speed than those around them.

Speed ticket appealing might sound tough and complicated an affair, but possessing the right information makes the task quite an easy one.

You might have to appeal for your speed ticket in any one or both of the stages of – appealing to the policeman who caught you or in the courtroom. Putting on your best behavior with the policeman and completely giving yourself up to him works as a strategy and is easier than appealing in the courtroom.

As soon as a policeman catches a motorist, the car should be stopped immediately, the car lights should be put on, and the car keys should be placed on the roof. If the policeman likes him, for his charming and honest personality, he may be easily let off.

Remember, these little things along with an attitude brimming with sincerity and humbleness always works. You just need to make the policeman like you and leave with only a stern warning.

The pride factor of the policeman should be the primary target, to avoid a speeding ticket. When he comes up to the vehicle, the motorist should quickly apologise for his actions, and follow it up with a word of praise for the policeman for doing his job so well. Being gentle and polite, is half the job done.

It is extremely crucial for you to give a rational answer and convince the policeman when you get caught. You should give your sincere effort to give the best reason possible for driving fast. Tell the policeman that you had to reach fast to your family, friends or relations for some serious reason. Never try to be over smart. Apologize to the policeman and ask him to consider your case.

This strategy successfully brings out the humane persona within a policeman making him forget the government paid employee part of himself. If you just manage to hype his pride factor a bit more, there is high chance of him not issuing a ticket to you at all.

If you happen to be unlucky enough to get the rock of Gibraltar as your policeman, then chances are that you would end up in the courtroom.

Make sure you are dressed presentably while you are making an appearance in a courtroom. Put your bikers shorts away, comb your hair and cleanly shave to make a favorable impression on the judge. Remember, that you need to come across as a responsible and decent citizen.

With proper and gentle arguments, the motorist should plead the court, that actually it was some other car with the same make or model that drove past his car, and his car is being confused with it.

So build up your story and have all the answers ready for passing the story of the duplicate car as a plausible one. Along with your sincere attitude and well preparedness, theres high chance of a successful speeding ticket appeal.

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