Why Should I Bother Appealing Against A Speeding Ticket?

A motorist will sometime or the other face the event of getting caught for speeding irrespective of the fact that he was only a mile or two above the speed limit.

Speeding fines are one of the most common punishments. The fine ranges from small to huge amounts. One can have his or her license ceased. One can even be banned from driving for the rest of the life, with only option of availing public transport.

Can you rely on the public transport all the time? Supposing you lost your license due to speeding, can you think of the adversity you would have to face? Imagine taking taxis everywhere you need to go.

Many motorists believe speed cameras are not there for road safety but to catch motorists and earn the government money. In general a lot of areas that have got speed cameras installed have found road accidents have gone up not down from these speed cameras.

Speed cameras have been installed at many places. But what is the objective behind it? Increasing road safety or increasing government revenues through speeding tickets? It has been seen that areas with such installations are more accident prone.

The demarcation between legal speed limit and that which is illegal is very flimsy, but the illegal act may result into heavy fine. This is the fault of the system. And the motorists are more engaged to the speedometer of their car than driving safely, taking notice of what is in front of him.

The difference between legal and illegal speeds are so minimal that motorists are usually more concerned about their driving speed than about the people around them leading to more accidents on the roads. They are becoming more of a can break the speed limit driver than the ideal safety first one.

Speeding ticket appealing is not so complicated as it sounds only if you have the right kind of information with yourself.

When a motorist hears the word ‘appeal’, the first thing that comes to his mind is a courtroom. But on the contrary, a speeding ticket may easily avoided, because the first appeal is made to the policeman, who has caught the motorist speeding. If the motorist is somehow able to convince the policeman, then a speeding ticket with a heavy fine and a courtroom can all be avoided.

Appealing to the policeman can be easy if your attitude is sincere and honest, which can be shown by complete surrender when you get caught. This will make the policeman like you. You need to stop at once, get down from the car, turn on the car lights and place the car keys in a visible position. This is will help you to get away lightly.

Remember, these little things along with an attitude brimming with sincerity and humbleness always works. You just need to make the policeman like you and leave with only a stern warning.

The pride factor of the policeman should be the primary target, to avoid a speeding ticket. When he comes up to the vehicle, the motorist should quickly apologise for his actions, and follow it up with a word of praise for the policeman for doing his job so well. Being gentle and polite, is half the job done.

Secondly, with extreme sincerity give him the reasons for your speeding which should essentially be very important in respect to a particular relationship or friendship of yours where your reaching in time is extremely crucial but not going overboard with clichd excuses. Apologize several times and beg him to consider your case.

In most cases, this technique taps the humane side of the policemen making him forget the government paid employee part of him. Moreover, if you can tap his pride factor a little more, then chances are that he will not end up issuing the speeding ticket to you.

In case you were unlucky enough to get a policeman who was too tough a nut to crack you might end up in the courtroom.

The primary thing to keep in mind is that you should always be dressed in a presentable manner while going to a courtroom so as to make the impression of a decent and responsible person on the judge. So put your biking shorts away and cleanly shave and comb your hair before your appearance.

You need to defend yourself in the court. You will need to convince the judge that the offence was committed by some other car of the same make while you were mistakenly apprehended.

Lastly, Before going to court, questions like When was the last time you saw the speedometer, etc. should be well rehearsed and it must be proved that in no way, a violation of laws was caused. Remembering to have a decent appearance and good behaviour will surely help to give a better impression in a court.

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